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Honeywell Connected Security to reduce buildings operational cost

Honeywell  Connected Security to reduce buildings operational cost

New Release of Connected Security from Honeywell Building Solutions saves up to 5% operational costs per year
Honeywell (NYSE:HON) recently announced the release of Honeywell Integrated Security. The new access control technology, powered by the company?s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) management system, will enable organizations to integrate buildings and manage their system more efficiently with enhanced capabilities, mitigate business risk and provided an enhanced customer experience.

Honeywell Connected Security is a UL294?certified, Edge/IP-based door access controller that supports a broad number of cards and communicates on 128-bit length encryption, providing a highly secure system Facility managers can now minimize points of failure with the help of Connected Security, thereby protecting the facility from security compromise by limiting the risk to just one door. It provides buffer to hold one lac event logs acting as contingency measure in case of network loss or system offline condition.

Single door controllers are a cost effective and scalable solution that can be connected over LAN and support up to 2000 readers and beyond with multiple servers. Combined with EBI, the technology allows seamless integration with video to realise maximum potential of the system and provide easy navigation for operators managing security, access control, surveillance and intrusion systems. This improves incident management as well as saves time and training cost.

?Every second is critical for an organization when an incident occurs and security team should be able to track and mitigate the threat immediately on its occurrence,? said Priyanshu Singh, Country General Manager-Honeywell Building Solutions India. ?The latest technology helps facility managers save 3 to 5% of operational cost per year and drive more business by improved customer satisfaction while maintaining business continuity.?

Along with an improved user experience, Honeywell Connected Security allows support for Microsoft operating systems with tested EBI release. In addition, the these Edge/IP door controllers can co-exist with existing IBMS (spell out) platforms allowing for improved incident management and one window operation. The roadmap includes supporting PSIA Open Protocol, OSDP readers and NFC allowing facility managers to save huge cost on replacement as technology updates.

Other Connected Security benefits:
Easier life cycle management from solution selection to service: Offering selection team can interact with single vendor for software, hardware and service and assure security operators of faster response time to resolve operational challenges. Security operators are assured that all critical operations for the business are being monitored round the clock and that system malfunctions or intentional compromise is alerted.

Ease of interoperability between non-proprietary hardware: Offering selection team has access to more choice of hardware (such as readers, cards) and lesser dependency on service provider for spares Get more out of access control system: Connected Security apps supports visitor management, canteen operations and time and attendance reporting, thereby supporting physical access control

Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), an award-winning building management system that ties all aspects of a security solution together, including video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection. EBI also integrates comfort, life safety, energy and other core facility controls providing users a single point of access to the essential information and resources needed to monitor, manage and protect a facility, campus or multi-site operation. As a result, security operators have optimized visibility and intelligence, and the ability to deploy their staff and resources more efficiently and effectively.

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