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India can follow Japan’s solar policy to cut outages

India can follow Japan’s solar policy to cut outages

India suffers from a peak power shortage of between eight to nine per cent, which results in several hours of power cuts per day. Countries like India can follow what Japan has done. It recently introduced Feed-in-Tariff policy, making the country one of the world’s fastest-growing users of solar energy.

Across Japan, technology firms and private investors are installing solar panels and selling electricity for 42 Yen or less than a dollar per 1 kw/h to electric power companies. Feed-in-Tariff grant policy has attracted new business investments such as ORIX, a global finance company.

Yuichi Nishigori, Executive Officer, Head of Investment and Operation, ORIX Corporation said that the company operate large scale solar PV energy generation business by renting customers, roofs of their factories, shopping malls and office buildings. ORIX has installed solar panels using 1,600 sq metre of roof space at Coca-Cola bottling factory (WHERE) and produces 1.5 mw of solar power. It is enough to take care of the energy needs of some 400 households for a year.

The company is aiming to expand its ‘roof rental’ solar PV business. ORIX produced 140 mw solar power in 20 ORIX produced 140 mw solar power in 2012. It is now planning to tap the Asian market. Japan has advanced technology in the renewable energy field. ORIX also is in the business of helping reducing its customer’s energy consumptions at their facilities. ‘We are expecting increasing energy demands in Asia. We think there is a huge market in this field, and we are looking forward to connecting with local entrepreneur in the Asian region,’ Nishigori added.

In countries like Japan availability of space is a major concern, and this has led to the popularity of Small and Middle Solar Photovoltaic cells.

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