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India opposes EU aviation norms

India opposes EU aviation norms

Even as the European Commission said it might fine Air India and Jet Airways for not sharing emission data, the two Indian airlines remain opposed to the European Union (EU)Â’s emission norms for airlines. EUÂ’s emission trading scheme (ETS) requires airlines to report emission data (for flights within and to/from Europe) and purchase credits in case the emission exceeds capped limits.

Emission data is reported on an annual basis. The scheme came into effect in January 2012. However, due to opposition from India, China and Russia, the scheme was not extended to intercontinental flights. However, India’s Union Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said that the scheme is in force for flights within Europe. The government has not received any information regarding the fines. It (the scheme) has been postponed, he added.

EU was overstepping its jurisdiction. India and other countries are not in favour of unilateral measures, which are being implemented in Europe and have suggested that the International Civil Aviation Organisation take a decision on the issue, He added.

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