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Konecranes launches new overhead crane for lifting needs…

Konecranes launches new overhead crane for lifting needs…

Konecranes has introduced a new overhead crane in Pune. The new crane, the CXT-« UNO, has been developed to give small and medium-sized customers in emerging markets access to Konecranes´ proven technology, and will extend Konecranes´ product offering for these markets. The CXT UNO is primarily intended for companies operating in manufacturing, construction, and logistics.

The CXT UNO is based on Konecranes´ existing CXT hoist, and delivers many of the industry-leading strengths of the CXT. It is Konecranes´ second product to be launched for emerging markets this year and follows the BOXHUNTER, an innovative new type of RTG for ports and terminals.

The CXT UNO combines a strong range of features based on a simpler set of components and technical solutions compared to existing CXT products. This simpler design, together with easy access to spare parts, means that the CXT UNO will be easy to maintain.

´The CXT UNO is important for us because it expands our product offering into a segment where we haven´t been present before,´ says Jukka Paasonen, Konecranes´ Vice President, Head of Business Line Industrial Crane Products. ´The CXT UNO offers customers in this category access to Konecranes´ quality and reliability in what we believe is a very attractive and competitive overall package.´

A new product based on proven solutions Capable of lifting loads up to 10 tons up to 9 meters off the ground, the CXT UNO features a 2-speed hoisting and travelling design with a fixed pendant controller, tagline festooning, and compact single-girder construction, and can operate over spans of up to 20 meters.

The design draws on input collected in the field and prioritizes issues such as quality, reliability in both intensive and less-frequent usage, and ease of maintenance. The CXT UNO is being initially launched in India, a market with significant potential for industrial cranes and one where Konecranes has been building a growing presence over the last few years. Following the rollout in India, the plan is to introduce the CXT UNO in other countries in the near future.

Thanks to its simple, standardised design, the CXT UNO will be available with very competitive delivery times.

Further information:

Jukka Paasonen, Vice President, Industrial Crane Products
E-mail: jukka.paasonen@konecranes.com
or phone 40 733 9559
Investors and analysts
Miikka Kinnunen, Director, Investor relations, Konecranes
E-mail: Miikka.kinnunen@konecranes.com or phone 20 427 2050

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