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Leading privatisation

Leading privatisation

Rajesh Srivastava, currently the Managing Director, Meinhardt India, has over 18 years of professional experience in the directorship and management of leading organisations in India, ranging from multinational infrastructure companies to small-scale industries. He has worked in a diverse range of sectors, from infrastructure and urban development to power, manufacturing, exports and international trading.

Srivastava joined Meinhardt in 2001 as the Country Director for the newly-created Meinhardt India branch office and in 2004 he also took over as Country Director of Airplan Pte Ltd (a subsidiary company of Meinhardt).

He was responsible for securing the prestigious contract to act as "Global Technical Advisor for the Modernisation of the Delhi and Mumbai Airports". This was the first project of its kind in India and led to the successful privatisation of the aviation sector and paved the way to India’s privatisation in other sectors.


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