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Maximise the working process

Maximise the working process

Ficep, who is active in the international arena for plate working machines and particularly for drilling lines, has introduced the 1203 DD ENDEAVOUR range of drilling machines. These machines are used for making steel structures for all kinds of applications like bridges, airports, power stations, oil and gas, commercial buildings, etc.

The 1203 DD ENDEAVOUR range has been developed to maximise the working process of profiled beams (1,220 X 610 mm) ensuring a higher quality level than with a traditional drilling line and faster working times. Also plates with a minimum width of 80 mm can be processed. The ENDEAVOUR range of drill lines has the possibility of working on beams up to 2,030 x 610 with modules of bigger sizes.

The 1203 DD ENDEAVOUR ensures that the material can be processed not only in the traditional way, that is by operating with the material being moved, but also by advancing it by a series of steps of 250 mm each. The three working heads (spindles) are equipped with a new additional auxiliary axis that allows independent control of the spindle over a 250 mm stroke. By this method with the beam being stationary it is possible for maximum utilisation of each spindle within the stroke, resulting in faster optimisation over series of holes that are not necessarily sharing the same datum/in line, with up to nine axes working simultaneously on the same section.

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