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Meeting challenges of new era.

Meeting challenges of new era.

In the Indian aviation market, traffic figures continue to increase year on year.But with the increased penetration of the 'low cost' model, organisations in the sector are finding it hard to match their generated profits with the rise.As one of the most mathematical typologies, aviation space has long been associated with the efficient logistics of people in a rigorous and sequential fashion.In this day and age however, signs are showing that being just a machine for travel is no longer good enough for these spaces to succeed.Experts in the field believe that an extra level of creativity in the design and a more integrated commercial planning are needed to take it to the next level.

Aedas has observed the changing needs in tran­sportation and airport design.Max Connop, Executive Director, an experienced architect in the transport typology, believes it is important to inject a sense of place into the design specific to its location and environment.”Nowadays aviation spaces have evolved into sophisticated locales dealing with the function of efficiently managing flows of thousands of passengers per hour.They also are environments that go beyond the purpose of transport as successful commercial and leisure destinations in their own right,” he says.

Aedas is currently the world's largest architecture practice with 32 offices worldwide.The variety of aviation projects under its belt spans from concourses, cargo terminals, to aircraft maintenance facilities, to name a few.

The firm's North Satellite Concourse for the Hong Kong International Airport was designed with generous seating areas infused with natural lighting, landscaping, retail, F&B, passenger lounges and transfer facilities.On the design, Connop explains, “Light, views, connectivity and orientation, all help provide a sense of comfort to travellers on arrivals, departures or on transfers.This positive impression ultimately improves the success of the node itself, the surrounding commercial elements, and the host city's international prominence.”

Midfield Concourse Phase 1 is another and also the latest aviation project currently being undertaken by Aedas as a result of the success of the North Satellite Con­course.The “Be Inspired BIM Awards” winner is a five-level concourse of a total floor area at 73,000 sq m supporting 20 aircraft parking stands.

One of the common streaks shared by the two projects is the incorporation of retail and F&B facilities, a trend also observed in other contemporary airports world­wide.”With 'traveller experience' becoming a prime concern in the recent years, shops and restaurants have become the adaptive aspects that help shape a friendly and restful ambience.These commercial elements are often introduced into the master plan at the point of conception.”

Connop concludes, “From a business perspective, the new model offers an alterna­tive source of revenue that could help satisfy shareholder demands.” 


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