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SCHOTT enters PPA with CleanMax for Wind Solar Hybrid Project

SCHOTT enters PPA with CleanMax for Wind Solar Hybrid Project

The international technology group SCHOTT has agreed to purchase green energy from a 5.5 MW renewable energy (Wind – Solar hybrid) project in Babra, Gujarat, India, through CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions.

SCHOTT’s operations at its glass tubing factory in Jambusar, Bharuch, Gujarat, will be powered by green energy. This agreement is part of SCHOTT’s commitment to becoming climate neutral in all of its production by 2030. SCHOTT is also relying on power purchase agreements to transition its electricity supply to 100% green energy.

CleanMax will build and operate a 3.6 MW wind and 1.9 MW solar hybrid power plant in Jambusar, Gujarat, to supply power to SCHOTT’s glass facility. (India). [CF1] The PPA is valid for 20 years.

The 5.5 MW Wind-Solar hybrid project will save approximately 16,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year. This equates to planting 420 trees or removing 2,750 cars from the road. This project capacity is part of CleanMax’s larger wind solar hybrid farm in Babra, Gujarat. The CleanMax wind solar hybrid farm will have a total capacity of 400 MW, resulting in annual carbon abatement of more than 870,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent.

SCHOTT announced its plan to become climate neutral across its entire production by 2030 in 2020. The company intends to achieve climate neutrality through a four-pillared action plan. In addition to switching to 100% green electricity, it is focusing on technological change. Improving energy efficiency is another area of focus. The company’s plan concludes with compensating its remaining emissions. The company has initiated significant projects to develop more environmentally friendly melting technologies.

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