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TERI to analyse tariff scheme

TERI to analyse tariff scheme

The Shipping Ministry has engaged The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) to an­alyse the port-wise 'cost plus' method of tariff fixation as envisaged in the Tariff Guidelines of 2005. The Ministry has also asked TERI to explore the possibilities of introducing efficiency-linked tariff scheme; to suggest periodicity of review of tariffs and norms and to furnish Draft Guidelines to implement the recommended model. According to industry sources,  
the exercise could also be a pre­lude to the formation of the Ports Authority.

TERI has also been asked to develop a formulae to determine standard capacity of diff­erent facilities (both sea and landward) at a port/terminal and suggest the standards for different variables to be consi­dered in computation of the standard capacity. In this regard, the methodology presc­ribed in the upfront tariff gui­delines of 2008 may be taken note of. A committee of government officials and industry representatives had suggested last September that an external agency should look into the tariff revision.


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