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The Powerboss Commander T82

The Powerboss Commander T82

The Powerboss Commander T82 is a powerful and efficient Sweeper-Scrubber from Roots Multiclean Ltd. The Powerboss Commander T82 is constructed with a unitised all-steel construction which makes it ideal for use in very tough and industrial environment. The Commander T82 is a complete sweeper/scrubbers that provides aggressive scrubbing power and pre-sweeping at the same time. The Commander T82 gives the operator the ability to remove heavy debris such as carbon settlement etc. With aggressive cleaning.

A good sweeping and scrubbing width of 1067 mm enables to effectively clean 6224 m2 per hour.

The hydraulic powered impellers provide excellent water pick up. The 1118 mm squeegee leaves no trail of water behind. The large capacity of 257 litres solution tank and 246 litres recovery tank aids long hours of cleaning without having to refill the solution tank and drain the recovery tank. Oversized cleanout ports with simple screw-on caps facilitate easy recovery tank draining and sludge removal. The Quick-Change disk brushes help remove years of caked, oily built-up on the floor. The scrub head floats for constant floor contact ensuring effective and efficient cleaning with speed. The Powerboss T82 is a very easy to maintain machine. The power , efficiency, effectiveness of the Commander T82 and the unmatched service back up from Roots Multiclean Ltd, make it the ideal buy if you are looking for a tough and effective sweeper-Scrubber.


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