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Alom Poly Extrusions: Lighter and stronger

Alom Poly Extrusions: Lighter and stronger

Alcorr double-wall corrugated pipes made of extr­emely versatile raw material called high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are composed of two layers having glass smooth inner wall and annular corrugated outer configuration. Alcorr pipes are built to have a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent hydraulic characteristics. They have a glass smooth interior wall to provide frictionless movement of fluid with high chemical inertness and corrosion resistance. It is 20 times lighter than concrete pipes of similar diameter. Due to such characteristics, they are the ideal choice for undergro­und non-pressure fluid trans­portation applications meant to last und­erground for generations.

Glass smooth inner layer:

  • Ensures a very high conveyance capability of sewage/drainage/industrial effluent.  
  • Permits for adoption of lower sized sewer lines.
  • The smoothness and chemical inertness ensure mi­ni­mum deposition on the inner surfaces, there­fore eliminate the possibility of 'crown corrosion' and assure almost zero-maintenance scenario.  
  • The inner wall guarantees to withstand a maximum hyd­rostatic pressure of 1.5 kg/cm2. The system therefore permits for periodic pressure flushing and eliminate structural failure of pipeline due to sudden surcharge (water logging).  

Profiled (corrugated) outer layer:

  • Provides for the desired structural stability of the buried conduit.
  • The effective structural design load is lower in comparison to conventional rigid pipes owing to the flexibility of piping system and well orchestrated symbiosis between the backfill envelop and the overburden (dead load). Therefore, addi­ti­onal structural bed­ding support is not ess­ential. The designer can configure the pipeline at higher horizontal plane with less number of pum­ping nodes.
  • High stiffness (SN 8) value allows for use in varied high loading applications.

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