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ATN system for air safety

ATN system for air safety

Experts from Asia-Pacific nations discussed ways to implement an aeronautical telecom network (ATN) system for seamless exchange of messages for planes flying in the region. The new system would complement and later replace voice communication between air traffic control, pilots and others by providing all flight data and information through messages.

Messages containing graphic texts like charts and weather maps can also be sent to end users across the high seas and cou­ntries from Singapore to those on the African coasts, apart from almost the entire Asia.

The ATN, which uses Air Traffic Service Message Handling Service (AMHS) for the ground-ground communication among various aviation users, would replace the existing text based aeronautical fi­xed telecom network used for exchanging Air Traffic Service messages worldwide.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has installed AMHS at Mumbai and established linkage with Singapore in March this year.Regular traffic is already being exchan­ged on this channel.

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