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BRO to repair highways damaged in flood

BRO to repair highways damaged in flood

The Border Roads Organization (BRO) would focus on repairing and restore the damaged highways in areas badly-affected by flood in Uttarakhand.

After reviewing the damage caused to roads, including the strategic ones being built along the border with China, in the flash floods in Uttarakhand, Defence Minister AK Antony asked the BRO to carry out their repairs within the earliest possible time-frame.

Soon after the floods, the BRO had deployed its men there equipped with heavy machinery to restore the roads to help in evacuation of the stranded people.

Ministry officials said the task to repair the damaged roads would be a herculean one as in some of the areas, mountains themselves have been washed away.

According to reports, over a dozen roads being built along the Chinese border as part of India’s efforts to develop military infrastructure there are damaged by the flood.

The India-China border roads have been named as strategic roads and the BRO has been entrusted with the task of constructing them. Many roads are already behind schedule and it is feared that the incident may delay the project in some of the areas by many months.

BRO is running several projects in the state including Project Shivalik, Project Hirak and Project Deepak and also is in-charge of the 1,300 km highways in the state.


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