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Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town starts ops

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town starts ops

Japan´s Smart City scenario is already booming with four cities viz, City of Yokohama, Toyota City, Keihanna Science City and City of Kitakyushu. Adding more smartness to the sector, the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST), located on the outskirts of Tokyo, has officially opened after a grand ceremony.

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST), branded as an eco-friendly and smart town that puts high priority on the residents´ lifestyles, was developed by a consortium led by Panasonic Corporation, the Fujisawa SST Council. It is built on an area of around 19 hectares and expected to be completed by 2018. The total project will cost 60 billion yen ($507 million) and will house 3,000 people.

Smart management
The town´s core facility, the Fujisawa SST Square, serves as a central communication base for its occupiers. The Square, constructed on 6,453.14 sq m, with a total floor area of 1,485.11 sq m, will house the town´s management company – the Fujisawa SST Management Company, which along with partner companies, will provide five essential services (energy, security, mobility, healthcare and community) for the town. The company will also collect and manage information pertaining to the town´s overall environment, energy, security and safety, to support an ecologically-sensitive and smart life in the town. The town also has an extensive solar rooftop plan which serves 30 per cent of its power requirement. The town will also encourage and inculcate a community-sharing approach by providing for ´car-sharing´ services, among others.

Unique services
The Square also has various facilities for guest support and community fostering services for those who gather in the town. It has a Square Center (cafe and kitchen corner), Square Lab (food and craft studio offering interactive workshops), and Square Mobility (environment-friendly transportation). A cultural complex, Shonan T-SITE, will open at the south side of the Fujisawa SST Square in mid-December. The town also has set a detached housing zone for non-car owners for the second phase of sales. With eco-car sharing and rent-a-car services, the town aims to reduce the economic burden on its residents. A new base under preparation will provide environmentally-friendly logistics services to the residents.

Here to stay…
The land under administration on the west side, due for completion in 2018, will be used in collaboration with partner companies for helping sustain next-generation lifestyles and help businesses to attain the Fujisawa model, a town built with sustainability for 100 years. The Car Life Lab facility that will open this month will display and test drive electric vehicles and generate new innovations, validating next-generation mobility for practical use and supporting next-generation lifestyles with show homes.

Overview of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town
6-4-1 Tsujido-motomachi, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Land area: Approx 19 hectares
Planned land use: Residential homes (approx. 1,000 homes)/commercial
facilities/public facilities
Planned population: Approx. 3,000 people
Schedule: Town to be completed by 2018
Total project cost: Approx. 60 billion yen


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