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Khalifa Port chooses CEM security system

Khalifa Port chooses CEM security system

Khalifa Port & Industrial Zone (KPIZ), Abu Dhabi has chosen with the CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) system. The system was installed at Khalifa Port by CEM Approved Reseller Tyco Fire & Security UAE Khalifa Port, the state-of-the-art gateway to Abu Dhabi was officially opened in December 2012. Khalifa Port is crucial to the Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) mega project which includes Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad). Featuring the latest technology and designed to accommodate the world’s largest ships, Khalifa Port will become one of the biggest ports in the world when all phases are completed, estimated to be two-thirds the size of Singapore!

The AC2000 Gate Management Solution integrates with a number of third-party systems all interfaced to ensure multiple checks are made before a vehicle can enter site. The driver firstly swipes their card then Passive or Active long range RFID tags are used on trucks and light vehicles and then finally ANPR License Plate Recognition is used and the gate opens.

CEM’s advanced hardware was used throughout the port including over 700 S610e and S610f fingerprint readers, S3020 portable card readers and over 300 Door Interface Unit (DIU) 230s utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

The multi-technology CEM S610e IP card readers installed at Khalifa Port are IP 66 rated to protect against dust and water. The S610e reader displays meaningful user messages such as ‘Wrong Time-Zone and ‘Card Expiring’ and features a keypad for additional PIN code security. The S610e reader also offers the highest level of reliability as it features an internal database for offline card validation. The reader’s database holds up to 200,000 card holder records internally and up to 8,000 records offline. This means that should communication be temporarily lost at the Khalifa Port, staff can still validate cards throughout the port at all times.

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