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New focus on water

New focus on water

Germany-headquartered industrial equipment maker Mann & Hummel, which is setting up a new manufacturing facility in Bawal, Haryana, has a new leader in India. One of Axel Grossmann's prime goals is to focus on water filtration and it will continue to extend the company's business activities in the automotive and industrial filtration segments to go on to increase Asian sales share to 25 per cent. He will also enlarge the local research and development (R&D) activities based in Bangalore.

The Indian market plays a major role in the Asian growth strategy of Mann & Hummel, development partner and series supplier to the international automotive and engineering industries. Grossmann, new head of the Indian subsidiary, is an experienced veteran who has led Mann & Hummel ventures in many countries from the start-up to the consolidation phase. He has done so very successfully in Argentina, Brazil, China and Russia with high growth. Grossmann follows Hans-Georg Hummel, who laid a strong foundation for the Indian subsidiary during the last years.

Mann & Hummel's most recent business activities concern water filtration solutions, specifically for the Asian markets, based on Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Bio Reactor and Ultra Filtration technologies. Grossmann says that a “very strong focus” in India will be on the growing water filtration business.

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