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Stemming largely from the super-aggressive, market-undercutting (by more than 20 per cent) Chinese manufacturers who are taking advantage of a duty-free import policy, the Indian power equipment industry stumbles and reels in its own backyard. Vishal Gakhar will be the industry's new crusader as the new Director General of the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers' Association (IEEMA), the apex body for the Indian power equipment manufacturing industry, will grapple with a huge drop in power equipment orders. The industry's main objective is to recapture the 20 per cent of the market share that the Chinese manufacturers enjoy in the Indian market. To their advantage is speculation and sporadic—and well-documented—evidence that the imported equipment is inferior.

With over 17 years including many in the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Gakhar was responsible for heading the special initiatives and policy. He has facilitated various policy matters with Central & State governments and has facilitated trade and business across various industrial sectors. He has facilitated various industry institute dialogues leading to many fruitful initiatives and projects in the area of skill development, employability, CSR, Research & Development.

He has been involved in successfully running the Pune Power Model, which has contributed to the growth of industries, especially in Pune.

Now Gakhar's lobby power will be soon put to test, because although the government has in principle agreed to impose duty on power equipment, the intervening time is proving critical for the domestic industry. In the past, BHEL's clout in the corridors has proved that its campaign for the duty can be successful.

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