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The magical metal

The magical metal

Stainless steel has started to provide architects and builders with an excellent solution to the problem emanating on account of corrosion. That is why today we see stainless steel being extensively used in developments of all "Modern Infrastructure", be it an airport or metro station, buildings, or shopping mall.

Airports are the gateways of a nation, they help in creating the first impression on the mind of the traveller and hence, can be called as a ‘Nation Branding’ tool. Due to high passenger traffic at the airport; its maintenance is not a cake walk. Regular cleaning, polishing, coating is required to maintain its aesthetic appearance and life. However, all this is not only time consuming but also pushes up the cost of maintenance.

Stainless steel can play a significant role in increasing the durability and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the infrastructure due to its qualities such as corrosion resistance and low life-cycle cost.

Moreover, stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures making itself the most suitable material for airport infrastructure such as the baggage/luggage trolley, conveyer belt, claddings, hand railings, LCD pole, canopies, litter bins, benches, signage etc.

JSL Architecture (arc) provides customers with innovative products and customised solutions in stainless steel. Be it the architecture, building and construction sectors or the automotive, railway and transport sector.

Jindal Stainless Steelway (JSSL) is the domestic service centre arm of JSL. JSSL offers convenient, customised, just-in-time services to the doorsteps of its customers.

JSL’s Lifestyle Division (arttdinox or the ‘art of stainless steel’) brings style to stainless steel. Playing with the many charismatic qualities of stainless steel, in house designers weld form function together to create astounding lifestyle products that could happily stand on their own as objects of art.

Stainless Gallery launched in 2007 showcases works of eminent designers, architects, artists and sculptors through various exhibitions, like Saptarishis, Ashtanayika and Ekant. The gallery provides a platform for creative minds for expressing their interpretation and experimentation with stainless steel.

Moreover, JSL is in the process of tying up with NITs and IITs to introduce a special course in stainless steel to promote the awareness about this magical metal.

These initiatives of ours, have in their own small way contributed in making India, the third largest producer of stainless steel in the world, in little over four decades.

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