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Traders oppose surcharge on containers

Traders oppose surcharge on containers

Traders oppose the surcharge imposed by feeder operators at Kochi port saying that they were unable to accept such levy for both export and import containers in view of the short notice.

Feeder operators imposed surcharge of $100 for a TEU on two subsequent sailings in order to recover the loss suffered by their feedering between Kochi and Colombo on ballast (without any cargo on board).

They have to sail to Colombo empty because the strike by trailer crew in Kochi Port paralysed movement of cargo from the port.

In a trade notice, the feeder operators said they have no options but to impose an immediate strike surcharge.

The trailer crew strike, which began on February 4, has resulted in virtually nil export loading on the shuttle sailing to Colombo.

Traders grudge that they are already suffering because of the strike. Once the strike is over, the surcharge if it comes will be an extra financial burden to the shippers and consignees, which they would not be able to bear.

The trailer owners association said that they would resort to alternate methods to operate trailers if the next round of conciliation talks fails. The high power committee of trade also sought a permanent solution to the continuing strikes at the port.

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