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A testimony of excellence

A testimony of excellence

Airports Authority of India (AAI) has won two prestigious ATC Excellence Awards in the category of Excellence in ANSP Management (outside Europe and North America) and second award in the category of Strategic Advancement in Air Transport. Both the awards have been won after contesting with multiple global ANSP leaders. The Strategic Advancement in Air Transport has been won for AAI’s collaborative environment project, INSPIRE.

Strategic Advancement in Air Transport Award: The award for the Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership Reduced Emission (INSPIRE) is a recognition of India’s ANS initiative and commitment in establishing a collaborative network of 16ANSPs,10 airlines and IATA dedicated to improving the environmental efficiency and sustainability of aviation across the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea Region.

The INSPIRE which was founded by ANSP partners viz, AAI, Air Services Australia and ATNS in March 2011 and has adopted and promoted best practices that have demonstrated significant operational efficiency and reduction in emission contributing to environmental protection.

The aim of the INSPIRE initiative is to gauge the improved environmental impact of a perfect flight minimising on-ground delays using expeditious taxi routes and runways, conducting gradual climb and descent paths and fly direct optimum routes (user preferred route) based on existing meteorological and airspace conditions.

AAI’s significant lead in conducting the user preferred route project involving 1031 INSPIRE City – Pair flights resulting in carbon savings to the tune of 6885 tonne till 28 February 2013 leading to the much-needed environmental protection has attracted world-wide acclaim.Undoubtedly, the award for AAI is a fitting recognition for India’s continuing strategic effort for a green environment in collaboration with other ANSPs in the region.

Excellence in ANSP Management Award: The Award for ANSP Excellence for AAI’s entry cruising ahead with excellence in ANS is for the significant ANS initiatives which AAI has taken in the recent past resulting in improved operational efficiency and safety not only in the country but across the region as well. The entry focused on India’s initiatives viz, upper airspace harmonisation, implementation of reduced horizontal separation on RNAV routes, reduction in separation on major routes based on enhanced and seamless Radar coverage, establishment of RNAV-5 routes, continuous descent operations in Mumbai, INSPIRE initiatives, ADS-B implementation, GAGAN, and AIDC implementation for automatic coordination between ATS units in addition to AAI’s technological leap into Central Air Traffic Flow Management.

The ANS initiatives hitherto on a conservative estimate have resulted in total estimated savings worth $200 million and achieved reduction in carbon emission by 510 million KGs. The entry has also highlighted the safety initiative in the region through Bay of Bengal Arabian Sea Monitoring Agency (BOBASMA) which is entrusted with the responsibility of safety monitoring services in the horizontal plane in the region.

The coveted ATC Global Awards for AAI following last-year’s Jane’s International ATC Award are a standing testimony for AAI’s leading role in the region and continuous excellence in Air Navigation Services amongst the major ANSPs in AAI’s tireless pursuit for safe, efficient and environment friendly aircraft operations.

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