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Consumers must execute KYC process

Consumers must execute KYC process

Consumers of LPG, who are required to complete KYC (know your customer) process, complained of difficulty in executing it.

Following this, the central government extended the deadline for fulfilling this formality to November 15 initially. Recently, this deadline has been extended further to November 30.

The process is intended to weed out duplicate or ghost connections. Those consumers who have multiple connections need to comply with the process and others who have to go through the process are consumers whose names figure in the list published on the websites of the companies and those seeking new connections. Cooking gas consumers with multiple connections must complete verification of their details.

retailers started the exercise in August after the government modified the LPG control order. The exercise was to end by October 30.

After the centre in September capped the supply of subsidized cylinders to six a year per household, cooking gas dealers were swamped by consumers rushing in to fill the KYC form.


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