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E-NEXCO India rolls out E-NEXCO Eye for road network survey

E-NEXCO India rolls out E-NEXCO Eye for road network survey

E-NEXCO India Pvt Ltd (ENI) has launched E-NEXCO Eye for road network survey, which measures pavement conditions such as rutting, cracks, and international roughness index (IRI) at any speed up to 100 km per hour at night.

In November 2019, ENI was established as the Indian subsidiary of the Japanese government-owned company East Nippon Expressway Company Ltd (NEXCO EAST) is now operating a 4,000 km expressway network, and 4 million vehicles are using the network every day.

The most important thing is to keep its pavement condition at the desired service level to provide safe and comfortable driving circumstances on roads for the users of our customers. E-NEXCO Eye is an output of the collaboration activities with India and NEXCO East, said Mr Tetsuo MIYAIRI, President, ENI & Director General of NEXCO East.

E-NEXCO Eye is a survey device that is made utilising state-of-the-art technologies from Japan and then assembled in India. It is a joint product.

On 21st April 2022, the inauguration ceremony was conducted at the Gadpuri Toll Plaza of Delhi Agra Toll Road operated by Cube Highways, which helped the E-NEXCO Eye development and introduction.

Cube Highways and Transportation Assets Advisors Pvt Ltd, CEO, Dr Hari Kishan Reddy, told the media that Japan was first visited five years ago to understand the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) practices of NEXCO East for the expressways. Mr. Miyairi and other NEXCO members showed the expressways of Japan around.

The firm was highly impressed by the expressway quality maintained by NEXCO. During this visit, the NEXCO team also demonstrated a range of technologies that they use for routine pavement investigations, including the E-NEXCO Eye. Since then, the firm wanted to get this machine to India for examining the performance of pavements of roads maintained by Cube Highways.

Mr Miyairi said he is confident that E-NEXCO Eye will make major changes in the road maintenance procedure. He strongly believes that E-NEXCO Eye will contribute to upgrading the quality of India’s economy, life, and society.

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