Infra investment: The key to unlock India’s potential

Infrastructure is the bedrock of progress and is pivotal in India’s growth

The path to India’s transition from a developing economy to a developed one during the “Amrit Kaal” is intrinsically tied to robust infrastructure development. In this article, Revati Kasture, Executive Director, CareEdge Ratings, outlines what is needed to foster investment in the infrastructure segment.

Infrastructure development stands as the bedrock of economic progress and assumes a pivotal role as India’s transition from a developing to a developed economy unfolds during the “Amrit Kaal”, signifying the next 25 years from India’s 75th year of Independence in 2021. 

India’s need for robust infrastructure investment is underscored by the evolving geopolitical landscape, offering the country a unique opportunity to diversify the global supply chain and establish a commanding presence on the global stage. To seize this momentous opportunity, India must not only raise its infrastructure game but also enhance its competitive edge, fostering agility and responsiveness to economic conditions. The failure to expedite investments in infrastructure could result in missing out on this transformative opportunity.

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