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Punjab to start 18 more public sand mines

Punjab to start 18 more public sand mines

In order to provide sand to the public at reasonable prices, the number of public sand mines will rise
from 32 locations to 50 by March 15, according to Punjab’s mining minister Gurmeet Singh ‘Meet’

To examine the work of public sites, the minister convened a meeting with each district official of
the department. Records show that in the three weeks following the start of the sand supply at Rs
5.50 per cubic feet, the general public used 19,516 trolleys to transport 1.99 lakh metric tonnes
(LMT) of sand.

The minister said that many young people have been given jobs as a result, both directly and
indirectly. He also said that anyone who wanted to donate land for mining may do so by approaching
the department’s district mining officer, calling the department’s toll-free number 18001802422, or
sending an email to chiefminingb@gmail(dot)com.

The district officials were tasked by the cabinet minister to find more public places in their
jurisdictions. As Ludhiana serves as the state’s capital, he requested that the most public sites be
built there.

The administration has set a goal of opening 150 public mining sites for the convenience of the
people, of which 50 sites will be operational by March 15, he continued, adding to date, 32 mining
sites in 14 districts have been devoted to the people.

The minister requested the higher authorities to deal with the panchayat department to handle the
situation of the panchayat impeding the work at several locations during the meeting.