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ZAXIS: Focusing on the future

ZAXIS: Focusing on the future

Telcon has always been at the cut­ting edge of technology to provide the latest and most cost-effective solu­tions to the Indian customer. The fo­cus has always been to improve the com­pe­titiveness of the customers by providing the latest technological features in the products. The Zaxis series of exca­vators compliment this move as this range of hydraulic excavators offers the latest tech­nology products.

Telcon currently offers a full range of constructive solutions which comprises of hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, soil compactors, vibratory compactors, motor graders, transit mixers, dumpers, multi-utility loaders, etc. Telcon has around 30 models of hydra­ulic exc­avators starting from 2T up to 800T cap­acity catering to mining, construction, qua­rrying and other applications.

Unrivalled productivity and customer profitability are the driving forces behind the innovation of Zaxis series of excavators which is an answer to the toughest of wor­king conditions. Zaxis series offers an imp­r­oved productivity to the tune of 10-17 per cent. Telcon formally launched Zaxis ser­ies of machine in India in 2002 and today offers Zaxis machine across the hydraulic excavator product line starting from Zx50U (5T) to ZX870 (87T) and cater to demands from infrastructure, construction and mining segments. These futuristic Zaxis machines are manufactured out of Telcon's facili­ties located at Dharwad, Kharagpur and Jamshedpur.

'Focusing on the Future' is the theme of Zaxis series of excavators. Zaxis blends the latest in information and heavy equi­pment technologies to provide the per­formance and operating efficiency for lower total cost. Zaxis is ready to meet the challenges and changes facing the cons­truction ind­ustry of today and tomorrow. Zaxis machines offer Smart Savings thro­ugh their advanced tech­nology which helps in reducing the main­tenance cost by 30 per cent. The Information Technology Support with on board ICX (Information Control unit ZaXis) provides the data to the customers for making the right decisions.

In the highly competitive CE scenario in India, Telcon is confident of main­taining the leadership position in the Indian mar­ket with the focus on high qua­lity techn­ol­ogically advanced Zaxis series excavators.

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