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Evolving PPP project predictability

Evolving PPP project predictability

The government is framing a national policy for public-private partnership (PPP) in infrastructure projects to elimi­nate inconsistencies in the ru­les and make infrastructure att­rac­tive to foreign investment.

The policy will clearly spell out the rights of a private sector investor in a PPP infrastructure project. It will cover areas such as implementation, monitoring and dispute resolution that have emerged as the key conc­erns in the PPP framework. Most states now have a PPP cell that aims to attract private investments, but there is no consistency across the states in terms of framework.

The government has alre­ady taken several initiatives to cre­ate an enabling framework for PPPs at the Centre, inclu­ding establishment of a fast-track system for clearance of these projects. However, most of the invest­ment has been conc­entr­ated in the roads sector. The new policy will attempt to make such invest­ment more attractive in other sectors as well.

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